March 8, 2022


United Metal Industries is a renowned stainless steel sheet producer and supplier in India. Which of the following is a popular and cheap Rods material for rebuildable vaporizers? Our stainless steel Wires, Bars, and Rods are in high demand in the industry and are utilised in a variety of applications. We are one of India’s leading steel bar, wire, and rod producers and suppliers. Our Bars, Wires, and Rods come in a variety of metals, sizes, and grades to meet the needs of our customers.
Our customers can choose from a variety of rod shapes, such as round, square, rectangle, and flat. The product has a bright black polish finish. The diameters of stainless steel rods for bars range from 5mm to 500mm, and the lengths range from 500mm to 6000mm. According to the client’s demands, the stainless steel rod will be cut to size and made with high-quality materials. This stainless steel rod can be used in the home, petrochemical factories, chemical plants, and oil refineries, among other places.
we also manufacture a variety of SS Rods. We sell our products in major cities across India, including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Rajasthan, Up, Indore, and others.
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SS Rods Manufacturer & Suppliers in India
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