Industrial Valves

United Metal Corporation brings you a comprehensive range of robust industrial valves. We have established ourselves as the leading Gate Valve Manufacturer India offering unmatched quality, durability and best in the market pricing. The gate valves that we design and manufacture have various industrial applications and can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Manual Gate Valves

As a trusted Industrial Valves Manufacturer we are focused on designing valves of various kinds that are extremely tough and safe to be used under any conditions. Our Gate Valves are designed as bi-directional allowing the flow in either direction. It is ideal for any industrial application where minimum pressure loss and a free bore is required. Our Gate valves can be used for both fluids and gases of various viscosity, pressure and temperature. We use the highest grade of steel and components to build our valves.

Product Description :

A Gate Valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a Valves which opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid. Gate Valves are mainly designed to start or stop flow, and when minimum flow restriction are needed. In working, these Valves generally are either fully opened or fully closed.


Gate Valves are manufactured and exported to API Std. 600, API 603, BS 1414 and tested to API 598. It is commonly used where minimum pressure drop and bidirectional on-off service is required. You can always rely on United to get the right gate valve to meet your exact requirement. Our gate valves display a high level of quality of material, precision and durable service.

>> Outside screw rising stem construction, threads are away from the line fluid and easy to lubricate.
>> Removal of hand wheel from the yoke sleeve would not cause wedge gate to fall down yoke sleeve and handwheel assembly is so arranged in the yoke of bonnet.
>> Backseatring features facilitate repacking of the stuffing box on line with the valve in fully open position.
>> Swinging eyebolt facilitates easy access to the stuffing box.

Get Customization Solutions in Industrial Valves

Product Range

Gate valves perform an important function in different industries that have extensive use of liquids in their day to day operation. This makes it imperative for them to select a gate valve that can handle the pressure, withstand fluctuating temperatures, and is resistant to rust and other wear and tear issues





United Metal Corporation is Providing Customized Solutions to our customers. Please feel free to ask if any queries.

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