April 26, 2022

Jacketed Type Globe Valve Manufacturer & Supplier in India

United Metal Corporation, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, manufactures high-quality globe valves.

The main purpose of a steam jacketed globe valve is to maintain process media temperature during the process and to keep fluids at a reduced viscosity so that the valve can operate smoothly. Food processing, fertiliser industries, molten sulphur / liquid sulphur, high viscous process media, bitumen/asphalt/coal tar/ pitch process application, and other anti-crystallization and heating insulation industry systems all employ steam jacketed globe valves.

We manufacture Steam Jacketed Globe Valves in sizes ranging from DN15 x DN 40 (1/2′′ x 1-1/2′′) to DN150 x DN250 (6′′ x 10′′).
To prevent crystallisation or seizing of flow media, the Jackets ensure continuous valve heating or cooling of the process medium. The Steam Jacketed Globe Valve is designed to allow high-temperature steam or oil to flow over the valve Disc and body elements while keeping the medium liquid.

We sell our products in major cities across India, including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Vapi, Surat, Valsad, Anand, Kadi, Chattral, Kalol, Ankleshwar, Gandhinagar, Bhavnagar, Patan, Porbandar, Kutch, Dahod, Baruch, Amreli, Navsari, Kheda, Panchmahal, Sabarkantha, Surendranagar, Mehsana, Morbi, Gir Somnath, Palanpur Etc.
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