July 8, 2024

Industrial Flanges Supplier in Chennai

United Metal Corporation is a Manufacturer and Industrial Flanges Supplier in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Founded in 2001, United Metal Corporation specializes in premium industrial raw materials, underpinned by ISO 9001:2008 certification, showcasing our steadfast commitment to achieving excellence.

We provide an extensive selection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, including stainless steel pipes, tubes, flanges, and butt welds, offering comprehensive solutions to fulfill a variety of industrial needs.

Industrial Flanges are essential components in piping systems, playing a crucial role in connecting pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment to create a unified, efficient network.

These versatile devices come in a variety of types, materials, and sizes, tailored to meet specific operational requirements across diverse industries.

Flanges are classified based on their design and function, such as weld neck, slip-on, socket weld, blind, and lap joint flanges.

Our flanges adhere to international standards such as ASME, ASTM, DIN, and JIS, ensuring compatibility and interchangeability across global markets.

In addition to standard applications in oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation industries, specialized flanges cater to unique requirements such as cryogenic temperatures, high pressures, or corrosive environments.

United Metal Corporation is a Manufacturer and Industrial Flanges Supplier in Chennai and places like Advadi, Kanagam, Ennore, Chetpet, Minjur, Kolathur, Mylapore, Ennore, Adyar, MRC Nagar, Pallikaranai, Egattur, Nesapakkam, Perungalathur, Kottivakkam, Kazhipattur.

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